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Isabella Lescure Argyridis was born in 1996, in Manaus (AM), and since 2016 she has called herself an artist. That decision came after studying Economics for two years and understanding that it is a science that does not exhaust the subject of the human experience on earth or the connections between different forms of life. Lescure then transferred to her university's art course, and began her journey as an artist. Her research embodies ways of thinking from economics, ayahuasca rituals, art history, philosophy, sciences, nature and so on... as she believes that knowledge should not be fragmented but sewn back together. 

Lescure's practice unfolds in three main fields, with several ramifications.


  1. One of them is her investigation of everyday life with great intensity through various medias types, such as painting, drawing, performance, textile works, video and  installation art. 

  2. Her written work. Thoughts about her own practice, other people's art research and about other new subjects as well.

  3. Subversive and restless thinking about the art system and how to propose new dynamics within it. 

In 2012, Lescure was 16 and had just lost her father to cancer; she already liked to paint, but from that moment on she started painting to truly express herself. Isabella is a fierce creator, she refuses to suppress feelings or ideas and always tries to transform them into something, learning from her pain and healing in the process. 

Lescure always looked at nature as reference, when it comes to the ways it works and how colors and texture are arranged within it. For a few years her artistic research was mostly about decomposition, death and an attempt at her own regeneration. As this phase came to and end, she started looking at things a bit differently - through and abundance point of view, understanding how we are all intertwined, how fractals are everywhere and inside everyone and that collaboration is the path to expansion. In 2021 she created a project called Germinadora de Arte Argyridis (to the letter, it means Argyridis Art Germinator, and the last word is about the idea of a seed growing), through this initiative she proposes new forms of artists collaborating with themselves and with the art system. 

Lescure lives between Rio and São Paulo and is now focused on the new chapter of her artistic research, producing new artworks, ideas and thinking about the magic that intertwines us all. 

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